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Dear Members of RSCCU,


The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union (GTAWU) extends greetings to you on occasion of your 48th AGM.  GTAWU takes this opportunity to write to you on the outstanding dispute with RSCCU and its workers regarding the signing of the articles/matters already agreed to.


1. November 2015 - GTAWU submitted proposals for a Collective Labour Agreement (CLA) on behalf of the workers to RSCCU.

2. June 2016 – GTAWU and RSCCU began negotiations for a CLA.

3. January 2020 – GTAWU and RSCCU reached agreement on salary increases for the period 2015 to 2019 and these payments have already been received by the workers.


GTAWU and RSCCU held a series of discussions and agreed on other articles/matters to be included in the CLA for the workers. The other articles/matters included items such as, Union Rights & Employer’s Practices, Management Rights and Functions, Management Practices, Joint Consultation, Grievance Procedure, Hours of Work, Severance Pay, Leave of Absence, Bonus and Probation.


In July 2021 the Board of Directors agreed to sign the articles/items agreed on.

In a letter to GTAWU dated July 11, 2022, the RSCCU wrote in part “Despite the financial challenges faced the Board of Directors of the RSCCU has remained committed to honouring the terms and conditions of employment and benefits to staff as agreed to in the MOA”.

In August 2022 the Board at a meeting held with GTAWU, workers and RSCCU again agreed to sign the CLA also known as Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).

All GTAWU and workers are calling for is that the RSCCU sign the items as agreed to, in the MOA.

The GTAWU and workers are not requesting any new salary increases!

The RSCCU workers are only seeking to protect their rights and benefits. They are not seeking any more money or financial benefits than what they are currently entitled to and are receiving as agreed by the RSCCU.

GTAWU is very confident that you the members of the RSCCU will understand what the workers are struggling for, since many of you are workers yourself and understand the importance of having a signed CLA.


We end by thanking and wishing you all the success in your Annual General Meeting 2022.


Please remember that the RSCCU workers are NOT seeking any monetary or financial increases!