Once again the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution and the heroic people of the Republic of Venezuela have triumphed over adversity

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By Phatse Justice Piitso

We take the opportunity to join the progressive movement and the people of the world to congratulate the Bolivarian socialist revolution, the heroic people of the socialist republic of Venezuela and our newly elected President, Cde Nicolas Maduro, for the successful national elections. The results of the elections are a living testimony that the Bolivarian socialist revolution of our America derives its existence from the foundations of our democratic principles.

The momentous victory by the revolutionary forces of Bolivar represents the highest form of expression and appreciation of the leadership of their Commander in Chief and the leader of the revolution Cde President Hugo Chavez. The people of Venezuela have reaffirmed the legacy of the leader of their revolution Hugo Chavez against the wishes and the interests of the US led imperialism.  He died for the noble cause of the struggles for the liberation of the working class throughout the world.
The Bolivarian socialist revolution has defeated the most highly sponsored political movement by the US imperialism in the world. Therefore the victory of the popular will of the people of Venezuela is the victory against imperialism and colonialism. The people have defeated a US sponsored counter revolution from the heart of their motherland.
The successful victory of the Bolivarian socialist revolution has added the necessary impetus to the working class movement across the world to take forward the momentum of our struggles against the imperialist oppression and exploitation. The triumph of our revolutionary forces is indeed a giant leap forward to our struggles for the liberation of our people in the former colonies and semi colonies. It is indeed a triumph of our revolution against adversity.
Our beautiful Bolivarian socialist revolution has indeed proven to the world that in the cause of the revolutionary struggles of the working class, great revolutions always bring great men to the forefront and therefore unearth talents beyond the imagination of man. The US led imperialism has never imagined that a humbled revolution can produce out of an ordinary son of the working class, out of a bus driver, an outstanding and the most revolutionary leader of the calibre of President Nicolas Maduro.
It is also worrisome that the US is instigating its garrison of counter revolution to reject the outcomes of such a fair and democratic elections. This attempt to reject legitimate democratic process constitute a major thread to the peace and security of the people of Venezuela and the region.
Imperialism and colonialism is much worried by the success of the struggles of our people in the former colonies and semi colonies. The strength and the organisation of the working class is increasingly shaking the foundations of imperialism.
The US led imperialism will never come to terms that the working class in Venezuela under the leadership of President Maduro is leading the most powerful revolutionary socialist movement of the 21th century at its doorsteps. The Latin American region is becoming the pinnacle of the world wide struggles against imperialism and colonial domination.
The heroic people of the Latin America are following the giant footprints of their revolutionary leader and the father of their wars of independence Simon Bolivar. He was a great leader who led relentless struggles for the independence of the whole of latin America against Spanish imperialism and colonialism.
The are inspired by the most revolutionary and exemplary leadership of the slave people whose struggles led to the declaration of the first independent slave republic of Haiti.It is inspiring to mention that it was the revolution of Haiti under the leadership of President Alexandre Petion, which assisted Simon Bolivar with the military and financial resources that defeated the Spanish colonialism in the region.
Immediately after the defeat of the US sponsored puppet government through popular elections in 1998, the newly elected President, Cde Hugo Chavez, declared the socialist character of the Bolivarian socialist republic of Venezuela. The reason why this formidable socialist revolution is named after the visionary leader of the struggles of the people of Latin America, Simon Bolivar.
Cde Hugo Chavez was inspired by the heroic struggles of the people of Haiti who declared the first slave independent republic in the history of mankind. He stood to the true traditions that liberated Latin America from Spanish colonialsm.
The Bolivarian Alliance for the people of our America is the first formidable block of emerging countries of the former colonies and semi colonies to have declared the socialist character of their revolution after the collapse of the socialism in the Soviet Union and the communist states of the Eastern Europe. It is a regional organization that has achieved tremendous success to integrate the social, political and the economic terrain of the region based on revolutionary socialist principles.
The new struggles to advance a socialist revolution in the Latin America has ushered in a new and unprecedented world political situation in the aftermath of the cold war. It is in this this region where the working class struggles have made decisive advances to conquer state power, liquidate imperialism and at the same time continue to consolidate the victories of their Bolivarian socialist revolution of our 21th century.
The Bolivarian socialist revolution has become the epicenter of struggles against the US led neoliberal economic policies throughout the world. Most of the regional governments have opted for the socialist model of economic ownership through nationalization of the key sectors of their economy. The Bolivarian Alliance for the people of the America is preparing its people to embrace the reconstruction of a new society  based on values of socialist democratic principles.
Most of the governments in the region are consolidating a regional economic integration model based on the vision of social welfare, bartering and mutual economic aid. They are encouraging a state centered trade model driven by the principle of solidarity instead of the monopolistic US neoliberal framework.
The Bolivarian socialist revolution is posing a challenge to the US economic domination in the American hemisphere. The community of over 33 Latin American and Caribbean states has formed a new economic alliance the exclusion of the dominant US empire. The organization of the American states( OAS) is no more a hegemonic power over the complex socio economic relations of the region.
The Bolivarian socialist revolution underway in the Latin America is a symbol of hope to the working class movement throughout the world. The prospects and possibilities of a new socialist block after the collapse of the Soviet Union are taking shape in the Latin America. We appreciate this revolutionary offspring of the Cuban revolution. The Bolivarian revolution is a symbol of hope to all humanity.
Phatse Justice Piitso is the former Ambassador to the republic of Cuba and the former provincial secretary of the SACP writing this article on his personal capacity.