New Tourism Authority to Replace Grenada Board of Tourism

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September 12, 2013.


The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union finds it necessary to clarify its position on the policy position of the Government to dissolve the Grenada Board of Tourism and to replace it with a Tourism Authority.  This necessity arises out of misleading statements carried by the media in their yesterday news cast.

1.     The Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union is not opposed to the formation of     a National Tourism Authority.  Indeed, this policy was first formulated by the National Democratic Congress Government and commencement in June 2012 but on     the very day workers were served notices of termination, the said notices were     withdrawn hours later.


2.     The Union is currently engaged in talks with a transitional team appointed by the new     Government to implement the policy.  These talks are necessary because there are     fundamental differences between the policy implementers and the Union in respect of     the rights of the workers.  Namely, the issue of Successor Employer and the     implementation of the Law and the rate of pay     to be used in calculating termination     benefits. 

The Union makes it clear that it is misleading to suggest that the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers’ Union, its President General or any other Union official supports the termination position by way of redundancy of the ALL WORKERS of Grenada Board of Tourism.  Nothing is further from the truth. In fact, our Union’s position is that, only those workers who elect to be terminated can rightfully be so terminated and receive severance pay but those workers who wish to work with the new entity where the jobs are essentially the same, have a right in law to those jobs and should not be required to apply for those jobs. These and other matters are currently under discussions between the parties.


Chester Humphrey,
President General.